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Everything Is From Now On

Everything is From Now On Lyrics

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Lights Off Too Fast

When I was three years old a dog bit my face
Playing Hide and seek at the neighbour’s place
Dog felt cornered, dog got scared, close call six stitches blood everywhere

30 ought 6 pickup gun rack dog went for a drive dog didn’t come back
Put down by a man with a mild mean streak
Must of felt guilty for a least a week
And try viagra on weekends

Now some of us have moved away
But a part of my heart will always stay
On the rolling road out to paradise
Lights off too fast in the middle of the night

Sixteen coming home on the number five all night early morning cruise set too high
Asleep at the wheel, west bound curve woke up half way through the second swerve
Dad’s brand new wagon rolled at least three times come to on a stretcher lucky and alive


Dawson Klassen was such a faker said his dream job would be an undertaker
But his heart was soft as the widow’s mind In her bush bound shack on correction line
Rumor had it, way back when she moved to the city with a powerful pen
Wrote gorgeous poems of love gone wrong got tired in the head, come on home


Halloween at little Mac and Lori’s, bunch a people dressed up as the West Side Story
I was disco cowboy you were Steve McQueen we all headed to the Vivian and caused a scene
Small town cruise on a noon hour route  T-top Camaro with some big fat boots
Rockin cassette singles on the six by nines by the time the drive was over we knew all the lines


Mary Graham (née McPherson)

Mary down the way made coffee thick and black as sin
Never locked her door and even strangers walked right in
She’d say child, won’t you sit with me awhile

And the warmth in her heart made you feel like you had been out in the cold

Wasn’t for the dark roast though I did enjoy it well
Blackest beans and last night’s dreams would bind us for a spell
She’d say child, and you could not help but smile

And the warmth in her heart made you feel like you had been out in the cold

Rumours she told fortune brought a laugh and waving hands
No such thing she’d say in spite of all out careful plans
She’d say child, that’s no reason not to try

And the warmth in her heart made your feel like you had been out in the cold

I went off to college as the birds were flyin south
Just like them my journey took me right past Mary’s house
I did not stop and still today I can’t remember why
But I know Mary, no hard feelings, twinkle in her eye

Halfway through my second year my mother’s weekly call
Mary Graham nee McPherson will be missed by all
My mother read
And we couldn’t help but cry

And the Warmth in her heart made you feel like you had been out in the cold
Yeah the warmth in her heart made you feel like you could live through bein’ old

You’ll Be Famous I’ll Be Fine

There’s a mystery, there’s a Mr. Wrong
Tonight I’m pretty sure I’m both
There’s a comin true, there’s a comin through
Right now they both feel like a joke

Say this do that.
I’ve had a couple really bad ideas
But neither one of them was you

With all this rhetoric, it’s hard to make truth stick
In all this flattery and such
In all reality, you’ve disappointed me
But it’s not like I’ll miss your touch

I’ll write a song about today
If you don’t mind I’ll use your name
You’ll be famous and I’ll be fine

I wondered now I know how far this us would go
We’re worlds apart and thats okay
I’m strangely all at ease no words but thanks and please
Keep being who you are and hope

Some day we’ll find
A love that’s easy in our hearts and minds
Your memory’s honey on my tongue
So go be famous I’ll be fine

So go fly see the world
Go light up every room
With that sweet smile God gave you dear
I won’t forget you I’m sure no one ever has
It was good to know you for this time

So here’s a song for those who try
To be all gracious in good-bye
I hope you think of me and sigh
Each time you taste a glass of wine
Go be famous……

Spare a Dollar

Spare a dollar, here’s the deal
All i want is not to feel
Forever would be great but I’d take tonight
It’s been years since our last collide
Failed attempt at tryin to coincide
Believe or not but I gave all I could give

I don’t blame my childhood pain
For my failures as a man
Sad to say but the cards I played
Were the best ones in my hand

Used to sing, play guitar
Not bad voice I was no rock star
But they listened every time I started in
Gibson sunburst J45
Pawned for grass and a Greyhound ride
Sunshine coast and a mill all set to hire

Cuttin trees ain’t no summer breeze
But for three long years I tried
Layoffs came and I drifted off
Into this dark and winding night

Once I wanted a fancy car
Fast and plush and a map to gone
Away into the far from here I’d drive
Tell him once, to his face
Ya lied to sing amazing grace
If this is saved I’d hate to know from what

Did Jesus die, and/or rise
So that you could claim the right
To raised yer kids by the violent hands
That you raised on Sunday night

So spare a dollar
Here’s the deal
All I want is not to feel
Forever would be great but I’d take tonight

Many Hands (make light work)

We came over here cause over there was getting tight
Hand shake supper table late one night
Fixed up a plan, headed for the pier
Chest full of linen and a belly of fear

Halifax, west bound train
Seeds from home, prayer for rain
Rocks to pick, stumps to burn
Building barns, taking turns

Many hands make light work of the load
Many hands make light work
Many hands make light work of the load
Many hands make light work

Well along came winter with its crackin in the trees
Froze the river so low it brought the fish to their knees
Fish had nowhere to swim so they sank
Cradled in a grave made of roots on a bank


Well we waited, we waited but the rain wouldn’t stop
Man when it did we were so tired o mud
Back so sore, work and strain
Hope for future, hope for gain


Children born some still alive
Still we labour, still we strive
Anxious mothers, stone faced men
Some took plows
Some took pens oh..


More Than a Little (alot of the time)

The way that he looks at her ain’t like it was
Can’t find no reason can’t find no because
Wishes he’d leave or try harder to stay
Lies awake wanting, words he won’t say

No more wild flowers or long walks at night
Just grinding away at the bills
Love is a rose its the thorns I suppose
They hurt more than a little, alot of the time

He stole her heart and the scene of the crime
Was the bank where she worked as he waited in line
Odds were against it we’ve all seen the stats
Plus he once told her dad kiss my lily white ass

Can anyone say at the end of the day
What’s so hard about packin up and walkin away
Getting ahead is a dream that comes tough
Borrowing buying and never enough


Story’s not over they both lost their jobs
The bank took the condo and car
Moved in with her brother got jobs with her mother
Maintaining some rich persons yard

Hot days of summer they’d sneak in the pool
Rich folks are always away
Mischief made romance and led to a slow dance
In the deep end on antelope bay

Might not be flowers or long walks at night
But the fire in their hearts was renewed
Love is a rose its the thorns I suppose
They hurt more than a little, alot of the time
They hurt more than a little, alot of the time

Everything is From Now On

It’s okay to learn from others
Also good to find your way
The bulk of us see vague and dimly
The best in us, stand still afraid

You been searching you been findin
Answers left and right and wrong
Whether you wake late or early
Everything is from now on

Search yourself or search the borders
Of creations vain and fair
Stare open eyed into the glaring sun
Convinced that you’ll, see God up there

Give your life to work and progress
Poetry and laize fair
Build a school house for a village
Love your neighbour, if you dare

We’re all searchin…….

If by chance you find some secret
That has fallen at your feet
For God’s sake don’t write a memoir
And hand out hope, likes its a treat

We’re all searchin…….

The Garden of Unanswered Prayer

In the garden, in the garden
Like children we ran
No worries, unburdened
By financial plans
Our friends were our neighbours
Our courage was shared

In the garden, in the garden of unanswered Prayer

We had potlucks and pancakes and art on the walls
All made by each other I fondly recall
There were hustlers and dealers
And buskers to spare


So to all you young wide eyed
Keep going please dream
Of a day that is wiser and somewhat less keen
On getting and spending and borrowing cares


Hipsters Lament (a manifesto)

If pleasure were a country
Our lives bore its flag
Unfurled and alive with the winds curl and sag
Flying over our heads high and low all at once
Beleaguered and burdened from having so much

Pleasure and access to all the worlds cares
Never resting in plenty and at best ill-prepared
For the crushing and grinding that mourners must bear
As love in its leaving leaves hands torn and bare

Is there no way around it like forests of fate
Like a mother loves children
Like fascists…….love hate

We were young and felt certain every day our next chance
To discover some meaning to sing and or dance
Rhythms and melodies cradle to grave
Entertained and indifferent unaware that we were slaves

Is there no way around it like forests of fate
Like a mother loves children
Like fascists…….

Is this what they’ll say in one thousand plus years
When they dig through our garbage and laugh at our fear
That enough’s not enough and too much is a right
To the point that we’d kill or at least scratch and bit

I just can’t help but think that if half of us tried
Regardless of differences detailed and dried
Gave all that we had, beyond all that we need
And with faith in the future cast out fear and greed



In the basement on 13th there was a fireplace
And a breakfast nook how strange
We were excess approaching success at overdoing everything
It would be a stretch to say we had vision; we were long on short sight
We were vampires; we were houseflies, parasites in our own minds

In the sun porch at Teresa’s you always focussed on the dark
On the shadows morning sun brought that was where your mind would park
Like an alley for a make out or a shakedown
We were hungry and we shared we were trying not to care

Jimmy would you play Gloria one more time G L O alright hey yeah yeah yeah

You always carried, a sense of justice, uniquely saying what you saw
And words came easy, eloquent yeah; it was your passion pullin in
A tractor beam like on the death-star, but in a good way
You were a magnet to our troupe, of bards and jesters mighty muses


On 4th street, there was a party, one of many, some guy & had brought a knife
You said you’d take him, not to worry; you were always brave that way
Or maybe hasty, or even jealous, of the attention he received
With his weapon, oh his weapon, but you had weapons too, and you held up your hands


More Than You Bargain For (the auction sale)

Cowboy hat tilted slightly bent and broke from being shade
He scans the crowd for waves and nods cause that’s how he gets paid
Most of the people here are friends or neighbours at the least
But an auctions sales a funny place as he sings and sells and speaks

This one here must be worth ten but 5 will start us off
You’re on at 7.50 did you bid or did you cough?
At that price folks it’s theft don’t let your friend commit this crime
Now there’s the ten I’m lookin for would twelve be out of line

Top dollars what he’s after open market fast and fair
You pay what strikes your fancy and of course buyer beware
No warranties no bring it back if it don’t fit or run
So look it over good my friend before the biddings done


I remember once I bought a van for 300 bucks I think
I put it in the local rag for a thousand dollar flip
When buyer meets the seller oh the harmony abounds
Some gossip pie and coffee and the sweet and soothing sounds


These people were my mentors their stories joy and pain
All brought here for a bargain just to know them was my gain
So here’s to all the auction sales an anthem if you will
So much more than the articles imprinted on the bill

Now there’s the twelve is there fifteen go-ing once going twice
Three times yes ma’am I see your hand good value for the price
You’re on at twenty dollars sure I’m sure it’s worth the bid
Looks like that’s all tonight same time next week we’ll see again
Thanks for comin out folks settle up and travel right

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